Month: May 2014

This pretty theorem details of the construct of triangles using well known I/GCSE circle theorems (Exterior Angle of Triangle and Cyclic Quadrilateral).  I like the petal effect in the middle.  Never come across the word species in conjunction with triangles before.

Geometric Progressions, essential for Core AS mathematicians, appear in Victorian textbook, Synopsis of Elementary Results.  In the case where the sum to infinity exists, there is a nice proof by similar triangles.

Arithmetic Progressions, much loved by students of AS Core Mathematic, is an early result in my favourite Victorian textbook and has a good visual proof too.

IGCSE and GCSE exams are upon us – time to let loose write outs for the most recent papers to help with final revision and checking.  Are these getting harder or am I getting thicker? Files chucked in my exam bucket at