Mathematics, science or art?

24 Jan 15

Geophysical Computational Fluid Dynamics computes the wind field across the Earth. Earthnullschool streams this, here at 30,000ft, on it’s intriguing and beautiful virtual globe. A quasi-stationary solution pattern for wind equations results for present over the Atlantic Ocean – ‘Rex Block’ – caused by interaction of ocean, mountains and wave dynamics. It all results in bifurcation of jet stream into Sub Tropical Jet, over Africa and Polar Jet round Iceland and UK.

Mathematics, Science and the Beauty of the Earth.

13 January 2015. Modis satellite imagery (Dundee) shows down wind turbulence patterns from island of Madeira.  Earthnullschool wind field shows the wind pattern that caused it together with the majestic Azores anticyclone and intense Trade Wind field to the south.  Third slide is iPAD generated ‘Wind Tunnel’ (computational fluid dynamics) which can start to replicate the kind of patterns apparent on the imagery.