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t-Formulae and parameterisation of the circle

t-Formulae are used in integration to tackle rational expressions of tigonometric functions.  After a spell in the cold, when they were not included in some A level specifications, they are now back in sixth form lessons. It all starts with the subsitution, from which the following functions can be derived, ,  ,  . These derivations …

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FP3 2014 gives students the chance to prove the surface area of a sphere is 4 pi r squared.  Interestingly four time the area of a cross section through the centre and the derivative of the volume.  Pupils with strong maths general knowledge from GCSE would know what is coming.  TOP TIP do as much …

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Useful facts for I/GCSE pupils (exams v soon!) on SIMULTANEOUS EQUATIONS detailed in Carr’s Victorian text book and alive and well, completely unchanged today.  FP1 students look at the determinant in 59.