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Parallelograms generalise Pythagoras to any triangle

There’s always space on the inter-web for another proof of Pythagoras’s Theorem.  Here’s one that uses the following equal areas property of parallelograms. This kind of area chopping and shape translation is a feature of Euclidean geometry and our senses support it’s veracity at the order of size of the classroom. The squares on the …

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Properties of conic section have been known since classical times.  This isosceles triangle in a parabola could still appear in school exams (FP1, STEP) in UK.

jpedmaths: Transformations for IGCSE summary – too late for this year. Year 10?? Nice colours though. Transformations for IGCSE maths – if any of my students don’t know them (and recent work suggest some don’t) then learn them now. 

The Natural Logarithm is an integration defined function. The shaded area under the graph is the value of the natural logarithm of the upper limit in the integration.