TOP TIP: Root three in this Further Pure 2 exam betrays presence of 30 or 60 degree angles in this complex numbers question. All maths students should know exact values of 30, 45 and 60 degree angles – they come up so much. See my exam bucket, for this FP2 2014 and many others.

Women in lifts, children on beams and particles on inclined planes.  It must be Mechanics 1 – M1 Summer 2013 write out available at

Big integrals, lines and planes and whoever thought that one hundred and thirty one thousand and seventy two divided by one hundred and five would be an answer to and A level question?  It must be Further Pure 3 – write out now available at Loading…Show more notes Edit Delete

Formula and completing the square – basic stuff for School maths students expressed loud and clear in Carr’s Synopsis of Elementary Results in 1880 – find a proof of 45 by using ideas in 47 and teach yourself to be a mathematical genius.

Mechanics 1, January 2013, write out complete and now available in my exam bucket: