Month: May 2015

mrweathereye: Mathematics tells us that the winds can never blow in a continuous pattern across the surface of the Earth – a hairy ball can never be combed flat without partings or tufts. 

FP3 2014 gives students the chance to prove the surface area of a sphere is 4 pi r squared.  Interestingly four time the area of a cross section through the centre and the derivative of the volume.  Pupils with strong maths general knowledge from GCSE would know what is coming.  TOP TIP do as much …

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TOP TIP: Root three in this Further Pure 2 exam betrays presence of 30 or 60 degree angles in this complex numbers question. All maths students should know exact values of 30, 45 and 60 degree angles – they come up so much. See my exam bucket, for this FP2 2014 and many others.

Mechanics 2 angle of dangle top tip – don’t try and draw your shape at the dangle, instead, add an oblique vertical after. This example is from Edexcel Mechanics 2 June 2014. For this exam write out and others see:

Edexcel’s January 2013 Mechanics 2 exam paper has massively intricate last part of last question to determine existence of third collision. Examiner’s report says not many candidates supplied an answer, which is not a surprise. This, and much more, is freely available on my exam bucket website:

Free Standing Maths Qualification 2013 has gardener, in question 8, who constructs a lawn the boundary of which is a parabola. This contrived calculus exam answer, plus many more is available freely on my newly updated exam bucket website: