Mechanics 2 angle of dangle top tip – don’t try and draw your shape at the dangle, instead, add an oblique vertical after. This example is from Edexcel Mechanics 2 June 2014. For this exam write out and others see:

Edexcel’s January 2013 Mechanics 2 exam paper has massively intricate last part of last question to determine existence of third collision. Examiner’s report says not many candidates supplied an answer, which is not a surprise. This, and much more, is freely available on my exam bucket website:

Up and Down – distance time graph.  Hand level is zero displacement, ball goes up, passes through hand level and finish with negative displacement on ground.

Women in lifts, children on beams and particles on inclined planes.  It must be Mechanics 1 – M1 Summer 2013 write out available at

Mechanics 1, January 2013, write out complete and now available in my exam bucket: